segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012

About New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve? Not so great!

I mean, what are we really celebrating? Past or present?

Any universal contribution last year worthy of commemoration? And on what historical basis do we burn fireworks as sign of a brighter tomorrow?

It is not the chronological aspect of the reveillón what makes it so universally grand. It is really the reflection it causes. Reflection of one's quests, values, spirituality. Whoever ignores this reflection has missed New Year’s Eve.

The arrival of the New Year is a powerful universal invitation to understanding. To all mankind at once, time appears in a clear aspect. Reality is unclouded and a desire for continuity bursts from within.

So forget the beach, forget Hollywood stars; away with fireworks and white garments. This is a time for deep silence, profound thought, noble reflection; a time for wisdom, worship, communing with God. Anything outside this realm is just missing the point.

Please, enough with the pictures of worldly commemoration. If we must, then let us seize only the true moments of deep surrender the worship atmosphere that surrounded our family this last December 31. Then we'll know: we haven't missed New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Olá Pastor! Gostaríamos de saber como agendamos uma visita sua em um de nossos programas!!
    Ia ser uma honra tê-lo conosco!
    Aguardamos uma resposta no e-mail:
    Obrigada desde já!
    Equipe Jovem da IASD Vila Carrão/ APL
    São Paulo, SP

    1. Ola Luana, não tenho datas disponíveis. Agradeço o convite. Deus abençoe.